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What is a sustainable florist.

Updated: Mar 28

Flowers beautifully arranged and houseplants have the power of bringing joy and coziness to everyone on any occasion. However, they can come from a wide variety of sources, and, like food, some of those sources are more sustainable, while other are not.There is not an official definition for a sustainable floristry, but we can think about some aspects to be considered, to make choices that protect the earth, the environment, and the community.

The first thing to have in mind is that buying locally grown flowers, you more than guarantee the perfume and freshness of the flowers, you also support the local economy and help to reduce a carbon footprint in the Earth.

The farther the flowers are grown from the end consumer, the more time and energy spent in transit. Further than this, imported flowers are dipped in fungicides to comply with import regulations, while domestic flowers can grow with minimal use of chemical and consequently protect the land, workers, and all who touch flowers. Seasonal, native, locally grown, and organic flowers are always the most sustainable alternatives.

Other point that we must consider is that the use of sprays, sheens, and mechanisms to boost the look of the flowers and maximize its lifetime are often health hazards. Mainly, the use of floral foam (green foam or Oasis), which is not biodegradable as it is a one-use plastic material and contains known carcinogens. A sustainable florist must ban the use of floral foam and looking for eco-friendly options, as well as minimizes landfilled debris, composting botanical scraps and choosing reusable, recycled, and/or compostable materials; avoiding plastic decor in arrangements; and opting for recyclable, minimal packaging.

A local florist knows is the best practices of sustainable flower sourcing in the region, and should support the local community, promoting small local business, and be aware that, from the farmers to at the florist, every worker in this industry must be treated with respect, paid fairly, and have a safe and healthy environment to work in.

If you are someone who loves the nature and the beauty of flowers and want that your choices when buying flowers have minimum impact in the health of our planet you must have these point in mind and look for a local florist who can help you to find a sustainable way to add life and color to your big event or small occasion turning it in a moment of beauty, kindness and care.

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